Falling off and falling in love

“There’s a story, about a woman who falls in love with anyone who saves her from falling off a cliff, I forget the details. The point is, it could have been a tramp, or a politician, or a celebrity, or a horticulturalist that saved her, and she would have fallen in love regardless.”

Andrew Cheah, “Anaesthesia” in Best New Singaporean Short Stories Volume Two


Lol horticultarlist.

Reminds me of that experiment where the researcher/interviewer is regarded as more attractive when she meets the subject at the top of a shaky suspended bridge. Maybe it becomes even more intense when you are actually about to fall off a cliff.

Researchers have said that the suspended bridge experiment points towards falling in love more easily when in a state of fear. But can’t it be the case that the interviewer – who was equally afraid at the suspended bridge – was the one who appeared more attractive in her state of fear? Dilated pupils. Pheromones. A vulnerability in her voice.


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