Japanese societal pressures at home

An eerie family drama, it became even more so by being staged at the father’s graveside in a gesture of filial piety or atonement for the daughter’s inability to carry out her responsibilities. Pushing her mother in her wheelchair to the cemetery at dusk, she opened a bottle of hydrogen sulphide she’d concoted and brought there to kill them both. But while the daughter died, the mother survived albeit in a far worsened condition, having spend the night in a blinding rain before being discovered the following morning. … Never complaining nor letting on that she’d sunk into such despair, Yukiko had seemed the consummate caregiver: selfless, cheerful, compassionate – the perfect daughter. Too good to be true until the goodness wore (her) out.

Precarious Japan, Anne Allison



Ah yeah now I remember the name of the book and author for the previous post on Japan


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