The prosperity church belief

This formula required the prayers to acknowledge their own weak position and rely on the One with unlimited bounties. Finding this method irksome, ineffective, or too passive, Christians often sought to compel the supernatural to produce their desired results.

Kate Bowler, Blessed: A History of the American Prosperity Gospel 



Essentially, prayer is no longer about asking God, but claiming and demanding your “entitlement” from God. Having been to New Creation Church and City Harvest Church, I can attest to this.

What about the effectiveness? I think there is some psychology at play here. We remember it when our “prayer” is answered, and we rationalize/dismiss it when our prayer does not get answered.



What GDP (growth) excludes

We are not against economic growth as such, but we may reasonably ask not just growth for what, but growth of what. We want leisure to grow and pollution to decline. Both are part of any sane idea of human welfare. But both are excluded from GDP, which measures only that portion of domestic production that is traded in markets.

– Robert and Edward Skidelsky, How much is enough?

Storming the Ivory Tower

What this blog is about

I read a lot — think ten to twenty¬†books a week. Fiction. Non-fiction. There’s some brilliant stuff. But it’s all useless head knowledge right? Or I might even forget all that I’ve read.

So the purpose of this blog is for me to put down some of the things I read — either in raw quote form or summary. I might write some thoughts along the way. That would make it easier for me to refer too.

Otherwise it would really be just knowledge that’s stagnant in my head.


Along the way, I hope to write an essay about meritocracy as well.