Why loners kill people

Had he simply killed himself, as so many postings after the incident said he should have, Katou would not have been grieved or even missed. Only by killing someone else, as Akagi pointed out, could his life register in the national imaginary at all. To call attention to the ungrievability of his own life then, Akagi killed others who would be much more grieved than himself.

Unsourced – yeah sometimes I lose track of the author and title. It’s from some book on Japan (duh)


The obligation of a beautiful person

A beautiful person has a gift, just like a writer or a painter. It’s not something that’s given to everybody; it’s a special favour. But writers and painters have to work to develop their gifts, and so do you. That’s your duty. In a sense, you’re a kind of artist yourself, at least that’s the way I look at it. But at the moment, you’re neglecting your duty.

Natsuo Kirino, Out

A piece of gory dark fiction. This was a conversation between a pimp and a beautiful Japanese cabaret girl btw.