Wealth as a multiplier

Since wealth is a personality multiplier, it is also an experience multiplier. If you are miserable when you are middle class, you will likely be even more miserable when you are wealthy because all the mental states that cause you to be miserable, such as greed, cruelty, paranoia, and inner turmoil, get multiplied. Similarly, if you’re happy when you’re middle class, you’re likely to be even happier wealthy, for the same reason; mental states that brought you happiness – such as generosity, kindness, and inner peace – multiply, thereby multiplying happiness.

Chade Meng Tan, Joy on Demand


In other words, having a lot of money wouldn’t change your life — not the direction of it at least.


The importance of keeping your cool

Remember: Tantrums neither intimidate nor inspire loyalty. They only create doubts and uneasiness about your power. Exposing your weakness, these stormy eruptions often herald a fall.

Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power


Perhaps this is part of the reason that meditation could lead to better performance at the workplace (which is ultimately about managing people).

President after tycoon

If we think joy comes only from buying stuff, consuming stuff, becoming a sleazy tycoon, or running for president after becoming a sleazy tycoon, then joy will be elusive.

Chade Meng Tan, Joy on Demand


That sounds familiar (cough, Trump)…

And probably deliberate on Chade Meng’s part, especially given his sense of humor. Someone once said that his sense of humor is an “acquired taste”. Shirley he must be joking.

Chade Meng is Singapore’s first Googler. More about him here: http://chademeng.com/