Time flies when watching a movie

Films manipulate our sense of time insofar as a whole lifetime might transpire before our very eyes, but in “real” time only two hours have passed. Perhaps a film gives individuals the illusion of escape from the constraints of the colonization of time by providing the illusion of a different experience of time, if only temporarily.

Nichole Shippen, Decolonizing Time




To get fatter and fatter

Making money cannot be an end in itself – at least for anyone not suffering from acute mental disorder. To say that my purpose in life is to make more and more money is like saying that my aim in eating is to get fatter and fatter. And what is true of individuals is also true of societies. Making money cannot be the permanent business of humanity, for the simple reason that there is nothing to do with money except spend it. And we cannot just go on spending. There will come a point where we will be satiated or disgusted or both. Or will we?

Robert and Edward Skidelsky, How much is enough?