This is your mind in love

There is a moment in our lives, however, when we all act differently—when we are in love. We fall under a kind of spell. Our minds are usually preoccupied with our own concerns; now they become filled with thoughts of the loved one. We grow emotional, lose the ability to think straight, act in foolish ways that we would never do otherwise. If this goes on long enough something inside us gives way: we surrender to the will of the loved one, and to our desire to possess them.

Robert Greene, Seduction 


Storming the Ivory Tower

What this blog is about

I read a lot — think ten to twenty books a week. Fiction. Non-fiction. There’s some brilliant stuff. But it’s all useless head knowledge right? Or I might even forget all that I’ve read.

So the purpose of this blog is for me to put down some of the things I read — either in raw quote form or summary. I might write some thoughts along the way. That would make it easier for me to refer too.

Otherwise it would really be just knowledge that’s stagnant in my head.


Along the way, I hope to write an essay about meritocracy as well.